Fool Jokes & Messages


This is a VIRUS . . .
When you turn your phone off it WON'T WORK AGAIN



The Thread asked the Candle:
“Why do You dissolve yourself, when I burn?”

Candle replied: “You R my heart.
If U suffer, I’m bound to shed Tears 4 U”
That’s a Relationship!



Teen Dost the Kallu, Billu aur Ulloo.
Kallu 7 th mein padh raha hai.
Billu 5th mein padh raha hai.
Ulloo yeh sms padh raha hai.

You are a GHONCHU..
O-ne in million

Zyada khush mat ho, hai to tu ghonchu hi...


Cheese is Cheese
Butter is butter
if u 4get me
i will throw u in
* G U T T E R *
*-*-*-*-*-*-* ‘



Mandir Jaa Rahe Sadhuon Ki Mandali Mein Se
Ek Ne Kaha Sadhu Agar Raaste Mein Koi Ladki Nazar
Aaye To Hari Om Japna Thodi Der Baad Ek Sadhu Bola Hari Om



Today, tomorrow and forever there will be
one heart that would always beat for you.
You know Whose???
Your Own Stupid!!!



LARKi Ro Ro Ke LARKAY Se Keh Rahi
Haath Chorr kaminay Meri Naak Beh Rahi Hai...



Doing nothing?
Then Make a Place,
4 Me in ur Heart!!
I May come there any time!
Ur's Faithfully,
"HeArT aTtAcK



You are a DONKEY
D 4 decent
O 4 outclass
N 4 nice
K 4 kind
E 4 excelent
Y 4 young



Agar koi achcha sa sms ho…
To jaldi se…
Use paper pe likh k
Fold kar k
Almari me rakh k
lock laga dena.
Kahin ghalti se
send na ho jaye…

Doing nothing?
Then Make a Place,
4 Me in ur Heart!!
I May come there any time!
Ur's Faithfully,
"HeArT aTtAcK"



If you are in tension,
If nothing seems right,
If u find no way out,
Then just think of me only once,
I will be always there to INCREASE your tensions.



Sms karne ke 4 fayde 1 riste kamjor nahi hote 2
sab contact me rahte hai 3 Apno se dil ki baat kah
sakte hai or 4 kanjus kon hai pata chalta hai


Fool se, Fool ne,
Foolon ki Foolwari me
Fool ke sath wish kiya
'You are the most beautifool,
Colorfool & wonderfool
Amongst all the fools.
Happy April Fool's Day


Arz kiya hy..
(wah wah wah)
Ikhtiyar-e-Tarannum se Tabassum ki roshni ko jala dena!
(wah wah wah)
Jab iska matlab samajh me ajaye to mujhe b bata dena..


A study has proved that all fools use their THUMB while reading a SMS.
Now its 2 late dont try 2 change ur finger! Catch another fool!


Sweet fruits r nice 2 eat, sweet words r nice 2 say,
but sweet people r really hard 2 find.
My goodness, how the hell did u manage 2 find me.


Hum aapko dekhne ki chahat rakhte hain,
Aapki har baat dil mein chhipaye rekhte hain,
Najane kub aap T.V. par aa jayein,
Isiliye din raat Cartoon Network lagaye rekhte hain.


NeeDS U..
Worries About U
Lonely Without U
Guess Who?
... THE ZOO ...



The fool entertains. The fool tells the truth.
The fool laughs at himself. The fool is wise.
The fool can't be ignored. The fool rules!



Ek black african girl ko god ne pankh de diye
khushi se boli WoW God kya ab mE pari ban gayi hu
God nhi pagli tu ab chamgadad ban gayi hai



Fact1: You can not touch
your lower lip with your tounge…
Fact2: After reading this,
99/100 idiots would try it.



"Phool Insano Se Zyada Khubsurat Hote Hen
Lekin Kuch Insaan Phoolon Se B Zyada Khubsurt Hote Hain"
Jesy K "AAP"
SMS Karne wala..



You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!
Just a second, don't misunderstand.
CUTE means:



(((((( ))))))
(((( ö) (ö ))))
(((((; <._.> ;)))))
(((((( __, ))))))
Dont u ever send me your picture again! u scared me to death!