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A True Relationship iz not like
the Rain which pours and goes away,
A True Relationship iz like the Air
sometimes Silent but always around u.



Distances never separate any relation,
time never builds any relation.
If feelings r true 4rm heart,
then friends r always friends forever..



Most relationships fail not bcoz of da absence of love.
Love iz always present, it iz just that,
one loves 2 much n the other loves 2 many



Da "Rain" may cover da
"Sun" bt we know dat da
"Sun" never 4gets 2 shine,
just like u.I may not even see u often.
Bt u always "Shine" in my Prayers
Bcoz Of Our Relation


Make a decision 2 hve a gud
relationship 2day den manage
dat decision da rest of da life!
Nothing iz impossible unless v think it iz.



Heart says 2 eyes'do nt see
more bcoz u see & i suffer',
eyes answered 2 heart'do nt
think more bcoz u feel & i cry',
dats da relationshp.



Death iz not da greatest loss in life,
Da greatest loss iz;
When relationship dies inside us,
While we r still alive!



Reality of life
“When you give importance to people
they think that you are always free
They don’t understand that
you make yourself
available for them every time”..!



Relations require real effort
even when evry 1 of us is busy with our own lives
A Simple sms remindS each other that "u r not forgotten."



The Best Relation is…
When S’One Hurts You,
You don’t Hurt back..
When S’One Hits You,
You don’t Hit back…
When S’One Neglects You,
You don’t Neglect !….
When S’One Needs You,
You always Come Back. ….. !



"Value of relation"
is not that how much you feel happy with some one . .
But it is that
how much some one feels ALONE without you!



Go for a strong relationship with these beautiful messages.

Aj kal k relationships se zyada
. .
China Mobile ki battery chal jati hai :D



Relationship is like Tajmahal-
Everybody wonders how beautiful it is!
But nobody can understand how difficult it was to build & maintain!!



Most Touched Words Said By a Broken Heart-
'I Know u Were d Most Prestigious Trophy I Ever Had
Sometimes I Feel I Was d Game That u Played.



A loving relationship is one
in which the loved one is free to be himself
to laugh with me, but never at me;
to cry with me, but never because of me;
to love life, to love himself, to love being loved.
Such a relationship is based upon freedom
can never grow in a jealous heart.



Reality of life
“When you give importance to people
they think that you are always free
They don’t understand that
you make yourself
available for them every time”..!



A True Relationship Is
When You Can Tell Each Other
Anything And Everything.
No Secrets And No Lies.



D best relationships r nt those dat r free 4m problems n misunderstandings.........
Bt its d 1 whre a SORRY n a SMILE makes evrythin perfect as b4.

“COMPROMISING” doesn’t mean that
your are wrong and someone is right,
it only means that
you value your “RELATIONSHIP”
much more then your “EGO”



~Cute Relationship~
When Someone Gets Angry With You
And Says...
I Will Never Talk To You... :(
And Later Comes Back To Inform



The most sad thing about a
relationship is that u miss someone
but u cant say it,
U want to apologize but u don't have
the courage to...
U've to live with it everyday and still
have to pretend that everything is fine... (:



You are the twinkle of my eyes;
The smile on my lips;
The joy of my face;
Without you I am incomplete.
Relationship doesn’t get closer by meetings
but it is sweetens by THOUGHTS



The One and Only time I hate the word 'Friends'………….


When she said “Let us be only friends………….! '



Relations are like glass;
A scratch in one side
will reflect on other side too,
Always handle feelings with care
because scratches cant be removed.!



Best lines in a relationship,
“When your loved ones commit any mistake/hurt you,
you should have faith that wrong was only
“In-tension” and not “Intention”


In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, age, caste or creed.
But in its bond.
So hold the hand of the person whom you love
rather than expecting them to hold yours.



Sometimes the World Gives So Many Reason To Hate It..
But Whenever it Happens
I Just Stop 'n Think Of You 'n Say
How Can I Hate This World When You Are A Part Of It ..! :)



Kuch Rishtey Uparwaala Banaata hai,
Kuch Rishte Log Banaate hain,
Par wo, log Bahut Khaas Hote hain,
Jo Bina Rishte ke Koi Rishta Nibhate hain..



Relationship doesn’t get closer by meetings,
but it is sweetened by THOUGHTS.
I care for you in my own STRANGE ways.
May be you will never know,May be I will never show..



Log phoolon se mohabbat karte hain,
Kaanton ko kisne yaad kiya,
Hum kaanton se mohabbat karte hain,
Kyunki phool ne hamein barbaad kiya..



Real Relationship doesn’t mean NO
We fight….but after that, we forgive
each other…
and start loving each other more than



A hard fact of life:
Watevr Relation v build up in this world.
The only thing that remains at last is the
Loneliness with lots n lots of Memories..


We Often Don’t Express Our Feelings By The Fear Of Losing A Relationship
The Fact Remains–
We lose A Beautiful Relationship By Not Expressing..*..



“When someone loves you,
the way they say your name is different.
You know that
your name is safe in their mouth.”



In a relationship, honesty & trust must exist.
If they don't, there's no point of loving.
So if you can't afford to be honest, stay single..!!



“24 sweet hrs make 1 sweet day”!!
“7 sweet days make 1 sweet week”!!
“4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet month”!!
“1 sweet person like u, makes th life sweet..



Most hurting Line by a true Love:
If U will leave me,
I prOmise U will cOme back Once
with ur OPEN EYES to see my CLOSED EYES..!!



People now-a-days are like bluetooth…
if you stay close they stay connected…
and if u go away they find new devices.. :O 8)



Its not da “Presence of Someone”
that brings “Meaning” to ur life but
its da way that “Someone”
touches ur heart which gives ur life
a beautiful “Meaning’.



Relation are not an Exam to Pass or Fail,
or its not a Competition to Win or Lose.
Its a Feeling You Care for Someone More than Yourself.



The “Rain” may cover the
“Sun” but we know that the
“Sun” never 4gets 2 shine,
just like u.I may not even see u often.
But u always “Shine” in my Prayers.
Bcoz Of Our Relation



A broken heart is like a dog bite.
The pain will go away,
but the scar will last forever.