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What is in front of "WOMEN" and behind "COW" ???
Ans. "W".........Kabhi to Accha Socho........



It’s Challenge 4u.. Reply in 24 Hours.
You can Send this SMS to All ur Friends.
Ur Time Start Now.

Dimag Lagao.
Gyan Badhao.

Ek LADKI ne Apna Naam English me Bataya.

Uska Naam Hindi me Kya hoga ?



Solve this, if u think.. u r brilliant..
1. I am a 11 letter Indian city.
2. Last 3letters is part used inside the computer.
3. 4, 5, 6 letters is used to store water..
4. 1, 5, 4 is disining software.
5. 3, 7, 6 is computer company name.
6. 2, 5, 6, 8, 11 is a soap name
101% brain work.



Challenge your mind

You entered a bus -
in that you saw 7 girls
each girl has 7 bags
in each bag there are 7 big cats.
Each big cat has 7 little cats
each cat has 4 legs.

Calculate the legs in the bus?


Iska jawab do to Manenge..

1) 1 mithai ka naam?
2) 1 dawa ka naam?
3) 1 film ka naam?
4) 1 ladki ka naam?

koi aisa jawab dijiye jo in 4 ka 1 hi naam ho?
Its a Challenge.. Time limit: 1 day.


I am made of 5 letters,
If U remove the first letter,
It is part of our body.

If U remove the second letter,
It is everywhere!

Guess what ???!



Solve this riddle:-
"The Fishermen love me.
But doctors hate me.
Kids want 2 eat me.
I am a 13 letter word,
Who am I? Hint
_H_T_ _ _I_ _ME_


Q: Can a kangaroo jump higher
than the Empire State Building?

What part of a human, which size doesn't increase?
(remain as same as at the time of Birth)

Do u think u can answer....



"A" ki Biwi "B",
"B" ki Bhabhi "C",
"C" ki beti "V",
"V" ka dada "G"
"G" ki biwi "K",
"K" ki beti "T",
To batao 'A" or "T"
ka kya rishta ha ???

Answer= Husband & Wife

Dosti Kya Hai.?
Pyar Kya Hai.?
Zindgi Kya Hai.?
Rishata Kya Hai.?
Ham Aapke Liye Kya Hai.?



1 Ladke ne 1 Ladki se uska naam pucha
Ladki ne kaha mera naam Note mein likha hai.
Usme likha tha:
Msg expert ho to ladki ka naam batao!!!



answer this 7 letters word:
_ M _ A _ k _

1. Girls love it.
2. Boys use it.
3. Parents hate it.
you are brilliant if you say the answer within today.....
reply me fast as much as you can
you can send this to your friends to get the answer. . .
your time starts now



A Beggar's Brother Died,
The Man Who Died Had No Brother

How Could This Be...?



Smile is the 2nd best thing
you can do with your Lips.
What is first thing? ..??..



(Love Exam)
Ek nadi mein 2 insaan doob rahe hai.
1 wo jise aap pyar karte ho,
Dusra vo jo aapko pyar karta hai.
Aap kisko bachaoge?
Aur kyu!!
Plz Reply



Solve This Geographical Riddle.
I Am The First On Earth,
The Second In Heaven,
I Appear Two Times In A Week,
You Can Only See Me Once In A Year Although I Am In The Middle Of The Sea,
What Am I?
Your IQ Test.
Answer Is : ” E “



if ur Talented Ans this okey...
1.Teachers Hate Me...!
2.Cows Like Me...!
3.Monkey's Eat Me...!
IAM a 9 letter Word.....
waiting 4 ur reply



1) Agar aap race mein doosray number pe aanay walay ko overtake kar gaye toh aap kaunsi position pe huay?
2) Wo kya cheez hai jo hathi jitni bari hai mgr uska wazan koi nahi hota? Hathi ka saya
3) Wo kya cheez hai jo din rat dorti hai magr us k koi paao’n nahi hote?
Ans: Waqt



1 admi apni har brthday pe ek rupiya jama krta hai Jb wo 60vi brthday pe khzana torta hai tu us mei 15rupy hoty hain..Q??
Ans: His birthday comes on 29 Feb.


( Y.T.E.M.A.H.R )
Is Alphabets ko Setting Kar Ke
1 Romantic Word Banta hai.
Ye Wo Bana Sakta hai Jis Ne Kisi
ko Pyar Kya Ho.
It’s Challenge for You Reply Must.
Answer: MY HEART



A deadly PJ.
What do u cal a group of farmers stuck at one place?
Plz dont throw ur mobiles.



Ek sawal jo kar dega apki nind haraam!!
Shadi se pehle Dulhan ka baap Dulhe ko kya deta
Jo Shadi ke baad waps le leta hai?
Reply plz.



Isn't it ironic?
We Ignore the Once who adore us,
Adore the Ones who Ignore us,
Love the Once who hurt us,
Hurt the Once who love us,
Then ask "Why does it happen to me?"



When u get this SMS,
Send it to
1 person U love,
1 u hate,
1 u always think of &
1 u wish to kill.
now keep guessing why I send it to u!!



1 Ladke ne 1 Ladki se uska naam pucha…..
Ladki ne kaha mera naam iss
Kagaz mein likha hai.
Usme likha tha: 07/09/2001
expert ho to ladki ka naam batao !!



An Electric Train Goes North,
The Wind Goes West,
Where Does The Smoke Go????
Answer : Electric Trains Don’t Give Off Smoke.



It’s challenge
ise ki english mai translate kar0. .
“humari billi hume hi miyaun”
Rep fast.
Answer is
My Tutor My Foot



2 balls remaining…
last 2 players on the pitch
player A 94*
player B 94
7 runs to win the match
how would both players make their centuries?
Player A hit the shot takes 3 runs but one run was short run and also an overthrow gives 4 runs. Now player B is on the strike and he hit a 6.



Test ur IQ
Q. Which alphabet is a question?
Q.Which alphabet is a fly?
Q.which alphabet is a part of our face?
Q.whic alphabet is a tool?
Q. Which alphabet is a drink?
Q.which alphabet is in geometry box?
Q.which alphabet is a source of salt ?



India Is Facing Serious Questions..
Hum Cloromint kyu khate hai?
Melody itni Chocolaty kyu hai?
And Now..
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?



Think,Before Scrolling Down
Answer Is 1
See the First Line..

Moral : Life Is Very Simple ,Don't Complicate It :)



This is a secret msg send only 4 u, try 2 solve what it means:
answer=" I MISS YOU"



I am a word of 5 letters!
People eat me!
If u remove my 1st letter i will b a form
Of energy!
If u remove my 1st 2 letters i will be needed 4 liiving.
If u remove my 1st 3 letters i will be near u.
If u remove my 1st 4 letters i will be a drink 4 u.
Who am i?



Du u know Amrica has a state(Riyasat) in pakistan…!!
The name of the State is
Lalam USA
Talking abt