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Hazaro Ladkiya aati hain
Hazaro Jati hain
Hazaro Hasti hain
Hazaro Rulati hain.
Lekin mere dost sath vohi nibhati hai
Jo Doli me aati hai
Aur gale parr jati hai.



A wise physician said
"The best medicine for human is LOVE"
Someone asked 'What if it doesn't work?'
He smiled and answered increase the DOSE



Two Wise Advises for Married Peoples
Never laugh at your wife's choices...
(You are on of them...)
Never be Prouf of Your Choices...
(Your Wife is one of them...)



Zindagi ka har pal sukh de aapko,
Din ka har Lamha Khushi de aapko,
Jahan gum ki hawa chu ke bhi na gujare,
Khuda woh zindagi de Aapko.



Sharing A Part Of My Life
W/u Has Been Fun.,
8s Great Nd 8s Crtainly 1
Of D Best Highlights
N My Life... Hope U'l Always
Stay Around 4 Good Bcoz
U R Rily 1 Of The Best I Have:)



Man : Is there any way for long life?
Doctor : Get married.
Man : Will it help?
Doctor : No, but the thought of long life will never come =))



Two hands to hold onto forever,
Two arms to be embraced by eternally,
Two eyes to gaze into for always,
Two lips to kiss so passionately.
Two souls fused by commitment,
Two names written in the stars above,
Two lives intertwined by God,
Two hearts joined by the purest of love.



A Tiger was giving wedding party to his friends..
A Cat came there and danced.
Tiger asked who r u ?
Cat said: I was also a Tiger before my marriage…….



Before marriage,
A man will go home and lie awake
all night thinking about something you said;
After marriage,
He’ll go to sleep before you finish saying it.



Hotho Pe Aaj Hasi Khil Aayi He
Pyar Ki Kimat Ab Samaj Me Aayi He
Zamane Wale Bi
Na Kar Payenge Hume Alag
Rab Ne Hamari Jodi Banayi He



Why do couples hold hands during their wedding?
It's a formality just like two boxers
shaking hands before the fight begins!



I feel something in my heart,
it's like a little flame,
every time I see you,
this flame lights up,
this flame is special for you,
because I LOVE YOU!



A successful marriage is based
On give & take:
Where husband gives money,
Gifts, dresses n wife takes it
Where wife gives advices, lectures,
Tensions & husband takes it..!!



On The Day We Wed...
I Promise To You Yet Again
My Unconditional Love And
Devotion. For I Will Cherish
Each Day That God Gives Me
With You, Our Own Little
Piece Of Heaven On Earth.
I Will Love You Always.



What’s Marriage?
MARRIAGE is the 7th sense of humans that destroys all the six senses and makes the person NON Sense…xD :P



Wives are young men's mistresses;
companions for middle age; and old men's nurses.
Francis Bacon, "Of Marriage and Single Life,"



I LOVE U Are Words Just Three,
Which Mean So Much On Our ANNIVERSARY.
So, This Is What I Want To Say,
Live In My Heart N There 4 Ever Stay…
Happy Married life dear.



Life bestows love’s blessing,
On a very special few.
And I believe it happened,
When life encountered you.
You are a perfect couple,
In a marriage that is blessed;
May your love shine like a beacon,
A guide for all the rest.



Sajti rahe khushiyo ki mehfil,
har mehfil khushiyon se suhani bani rahe,
Aap zindgi me itane khush rahe,
ki khushi bi apki diwani bani rahe



Every Boy wish...
I’m not a Prince
but My Life-Partner should be a Princess

Real Boy wish...
My Life-Partner may not be a Princess
but I Promise I’ll treat her like a Princess.. !



4 Stages of marriage:
Mad for each other.
Made for each other.
Mad at each other.
Mad bcoz of each other.



Marriage Is The
Uniting Of Two Souls.
Congratulations On
Your Special Day.



Fantastic Quote?
LOVE Is Blind..
MARRIAGE Opens The Eyes. :P



The man who never in his life
Has washed the dishes with his wife
Or polished up the silver plate -
He still is largely celibate.



2 keep ur marriage brimming
With love in the marriage cup,
Whenever you r wrong, admit it,
Whenever you’re right, shut up.



3 Important Stages Of Life…
Before Marriage- ‘MAD For Each Other’
During Marriage- ‘MADE For Other’
After Marriage- ‘MAD Because Of Each Other’.. !



I One Advantage Of Marriage Is That When You Fall Out Of Love
With Him Or He Falls Out Of Love With You,
It Keeps You Together Until You Fall In Love Again And Again.



Over the phone: "Hey ! Sorry man I couldn’t be there on your wedding day,
but I really feel so happy for you two,
heres me wishing you all the best of health,
happiness and prosperity for your married life!



Glorious Thinking By A Young Girl:

“I Will Marry a Love Failure Boy
He Only Knows The Value of Love
He Only Can Give Me Real Love”



A husband is someone who,
after taking the trash out,
gives the impression
he just cleaned the whole house.



From Now To Onwards You Will
Not Alone At Any Stage, Your
Life Partner Will Be With You
In Good And Bad. May God Enhance
Your Love And You Live A Beautiful
Life. Happy Wedding Day



Why do couples hold hands
during their wedding day?.?.?.?
It is just a formality,
like two boxers shaking hands b4
the fight begins…